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Setup Guide

Floreant POS - Opensource Point of Sale for Restaurants


First you have to decide how you are going to use it. If you want to test or want to use everything in one terminal then use Embedded database. This is commonly known as single database. If you want to setup a central database and many terminals connect to that, use derby server. You may also use MySQL or PostgreSQL. To start Floreant POS download latest build, unzip and run as follows. You need to have java to run it.

When you see the login screen, click on database configuration and build database schema. then save and login with default password (1111). To request remote access setup email with subject "remote support" support @ or call +1-800-844-6603


Download latest version of software from here. This is released underMRPL 1.2.

Install Java

Install Java SDK frommore

Open the folder and run the floreantpos.bat / sh file

Please note that in the latest releases folder names may differ.

In case you see any error check Java is in your path

Run Database server

When database server is running it will prompt that its ready to accept connection on port 51527. Make sure your firewall is configured for that port. You can run database server in separate computer.

You may also use MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Launch Florant POS Client

Click on florantpos.bat to run the application. If that does not work, check Java is in your path. If you are in Linux you should run Go with default configuration of DB. And login with default admin password 1111. Later change it for the sake of security.

MySQL database

In case you need to use MySQL data you have to download the lastest release.