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Screen Shots

Floreant POS - Opensource Point of Sale for Restaurants


Floreant POS offers an ideal computer system for dining, restaurant management and franchise food service. Complete with detailed sales reporting, food cost and labor cost analysis, it provides intuitive touch screen ordering software for table-service, delivery, take-out and catering. This software has been released under MRPL.


Login screen

Login screen of Floreant POS.

Dash board

Logged in as Administrator. It shows all the buttons. In reality different user will get different features. Food server will be able to create and edit Tickets and Manager will get access to cash drawer.

Create Take out ticket

Simplest food order that does not record no of guests and table. Pressing pay now button button will proceed to payment screen

Create Ticket : Table No

In dining food is tracked by table. Food server can check which table is available from ticket list. When done ticket is settled and tabled is freed. In some case more than one ticket can be created for one table. Floreant POS prompts duplicate table no. It could be overridden

Create Ticket : No of guest

Add total number of guests. Usually every guest is offered beverage and head count is used for reporting.

Create Ticket: Select Group

First need to choose menu category in left sidebar. And in each category there are several groups of food. Groups are almost standard in diff Restaurants while restaurant may pick groups and arrange them in different category. Its also possible same group can be in multiple category.

Create Ticket: Select Item

Item is unit of food usually written in printed menu. It often has options (for example 2 Egg break fast can have 2 eggs picked from different types of eggs)

Create Ticket: Select Modifier

Modifiers are ways to note user preferences for some food item/package. it may have option to have no or extra modifier.

Create Ticket: Kitchen Instruction

Kitchen Instructions are not mentioned in Bill but sent to kitchen printer. For example some guest can order for extra plate or make hashbrown crispy.

Ticket Settle

In some case more than one ticket is settled together. Tickets can be paid with more than one payment method.

Back office: Create user type

Admin can create new user type and grant different features

Drawer pull Actual amount

Admin update this to log differences of actual amount and expected cash.


Manager Drawer Pull

Its a common term in Restaurants. In end of the shift or when cash drawer is full manager can empty drawer and take a report . After than some small amount of money is left for the ease of transaction

Void Ticket

Manager or responsible food server can void a food. Its considered wastage. So a reason is picked from predefined list. If food is already cooked item is not wasted.


Back office: Sales Analysis

Back office reports are printed in regular Printer and they can be exported to spreadsheet.

Back office: Sales Summary

Back office: Sales Balance

Back office: Journal Report

Back office: Server Productivity

Back office: Menu Usage Report

Back office: Credit Card Report

Back office: Key Statistics

Back office: Open ticket summary

Back office: Hourly labor report

Back office: Sales Report


Back office: Create new category

Back office: Create new group

Back office: create new item

Back office: Create new modifier group

Back office : Create new modifier

Back office: Create new shift

Back office: Managing list of food items

Back office: Set price of item by shift

Back office: Add modifier group in menu item

Back office: Create cooking instruction

Back office: Create coupon and discounts